TitleSubjectDelivered ByDate
"Is Our God Small?""Is Our God Small?"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
June 16, 2024
"Who Are Your Brothers and Sisters?""Who Are Your Brothers and Sisters?"Guest Speaker Earl PierceSunday,
June 9, 2024
"Knowing Our Superpower""Knowing Our Superpower"Pastor Bill NovackSunday,
June 2, 2024
"Born of Water and the Spirit""Born of Water and the Spirit"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
May 26, 2024
"A Pillar of Faith""A Pillar of Faith"Pastor Bill NovackSunday,
May 19, 2024
Action Are Louder Than WordsActions Are Louder Than WordsGuest Speaker Earl PierceSunday,
May 12, 2024
"We Are Jesus' Witnesses""We Are Jesus' Witnesses"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
May 5, 2024
"A Life of Service""A Life of Service"Guest Speaker Earl PierceSunday,
April 28, 2024
"Jesus Is the Father's Love for Us""Jesus Is the Father's Love for Us"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
April 21, 2024
"The Five Senses""The Five Senses"Guest Speaker Earl PierceSunday,
April 14, 2024
"Our Part of the Story""Our Part of the Story"Pastor Bill NovackSunday,
April 7, 2024
"Buried""Buried"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
March 31, 2024
"Finish""Finish"Guest Speaker Earl PierceSunday,
March 24, 2024
"Invest""Invest"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
March 17, 2024
"Enlist""Enlist"Guest Speaker Earl PierceSunday,
March 10, 2024
"Outside The Box""Outside The Box"Pastor Bill NovackSunday,
March 3, 2024
"Nothin'""Nothin'"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
February 25, 2024
"Jesus in the Wilderness""Jesus in the Wilderness"Guest Speaker Earl PierceMonday,
February 19, 2024
A Final 'Eureka!'A Final 'Eureka!'Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
February 11, 2024
"Has Jesus Left the Building?""Has Jesus Left the Building?"Pastor Bill NovackSunday,
February 4, 2024
"Victory in Jesus!""Victory in Jesus!"Guest Speaker Earl PierceSunday,
January 28, 2024
"Repent, Believe, and Follow""Repent, Believe, and Follow"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
January 21, 2024
"That Baby Boy""That Baby Boy"Pastor Bill NovackSunday,
January 7, 2024
"Depart in Peace""Depart in Peace"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
December 31, 2023
"Given to Us""Given to Us"Guest Speaker Earl PierceSunday,
December 24, 2023
"A Gift for All"Pastor Ken CraigSunday,
December 24, 2023
"Call His Name Jesus""Call His Name Jesus"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
December 17, 2023
"The Essentail Story""The Essentail Story"Guest Speaker Earl PierceSunday,
December 10, 2023
"The Tale of Two Advents""The Tale of Two Advents"Pastor Bill NovackSunday,
December 3, 2023
"Judgment is Coming! Don't be Afraid!""Judgment is Coming! Don't be Afraid!"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
November 26, 2023
"Can't Stay Away""Can't Stay Away"Guest Speaker Earl PierceSunday,
November 19, 2023
"Are You Ready?""Are You Ready?"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
November 12, 2023
"Sermon on the Mount""Sermon on the Mount"Guest Speaker Earl PierceSunday,
November 5, 2023
"Free Indeed""Free Indeed"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
October 29, 2023
"Taxes to Caesar""Taxes to Caesar"Guest Speaker Earl PierceSunday,
October 22, 2023
"God's Call Provides All""God's Call Provides All"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
October 15, 2023
"Jesus' Authority Challenged""Jesus' Authority Challenged"Guest Speaker Earl PierceSunday,
October 8, 2023
"The Gospel Changes Hearts and Actions""The Gospel Changes Hearts and Actions"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
October 1, 2023
"The Unfairness of God""The Unfairness of God"Guest Speaker Earl PierceSunday,
September 24, 2023
"Forgive as God has Forgiven You""Forgive as God has Forgiven You"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
September 17, 2023
"Power of the Prescence""Power of the Prescence"Guest Speaker Earl PierceSunday,
September 10, 2023
"Take Up Your Cross""Take Up Your Cross"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
September 3, 2023
"Not Even the Gates of Hell""Not Even the Gates of Hell"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
August 27, 2023
"The Faith of Outsiders""The Faith of Outsiders"Guest Speaker Earl PierceSunday,
August 20, 2023
"Immediately""Immediately"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
August 13, 2023
"Something to Work With""Something to Work With"Pastor Ernie GreenSunday,
August 6, 2023
"The Kingdom""The Kingdom"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
July 30, 2023
"The Wheat and the Weeds""The Wheat and the Weeds"Guest Speaker Earl PierceSunday,
July 23, 2023
"The Sower""The Sower"Guest Speaker Rob HaakMonday,
July 17, 2023
"The Sower""The Sower"Guest Speaker Rob HaakMonday,
July 17, 2023
"God's Abundant Love""God's Abundant Love"Guest Speaker Earl PierceSunday,
July 9, 2023
"A Sword?""A Sword?"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
July 2, 2023
"Another Life""Another Life"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
June 25, 2023
"Timing""Timing"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
June 18, 2023
"Return to Me""Return to Me"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
June 11, 2023
"A New Creation""A New Creation"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
June 4, 2023
"The Rhythm of Love""The Rhythm of Love"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
May 28, 2023
"If You Love Me. . .""If You Love Me. . ."Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
May 14, 2023
"Scavenger Hunt""Scavenger Hunt"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
May 7, 2023
"The Good Shepherd""The Good Shepherd"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
April 30, 2023
"God's History""God's History"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
April 23, 2023
"We've Only Just Begun""We've Only Just Begun"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
April 16, 2023
"Higher Ground""Higher Ground"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
April 9, 2023
"Scriptures Fulfilled""Scriptures Fulfilled"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSaturday,
April 8, 2023
"The Chair""The Chair"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
April 2, 2023
"Dry Bones""Dry Bones"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
March 26, 2023
"Blindness""Blindness"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
March 19, 2023
"Living Water""Living Water"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
March 12, 2023
"American Jesus""American Jesus"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
March 5, 2023
"Temptation""Temptation"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
February 26, 2023
"Transfiguration""Transfiguration"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
February 19, 2023
"Remember Him""Remember Him"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
February 12, 2023
"Salt and Light""Salt and Light"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
February 5, 2023
"The Boat and the Cross""The Boat and the Cross"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
January 29, 2023
"Follower""Follower"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
January 22, 2023
"Hearing""Hearing"Pastor Dwayne HendricksTuesday,
January 17, 2023
"The Gift of Baptism""The Gift of Baptism"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
January 8, 2023
"Prepare""Prepare"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
December 4, 2022
"Drawing Nearer""Drawing Nearer"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
November 27, 2022
"In the Wasteland""In the Wasteland"Pastor Dwayne HendricksThursday,
November 24, 2022
"You Are Mine""You Are Mine"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
November 20, 2022
"We All Fall Down""We All Fall Down"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
November 13, 2022
"Who Am I?""Who Am I?"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
November 6, 2022
"No Expiration Date""No Expiration Date"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
October 30, 2022
"Kept in Grace""Kept in Grace"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
October 23, 2022
"Pray Continually""Pray Continually"Guest Speaker Rob HaakSunday,
October 16, 2022
"Faith not Fear""Faith not Fear"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
October 9, 2022
"No Faith to Small""No Faith to Small"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
October 2, 2022
"Indifference""Indifference"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
September 25, 2022
"God or Money""God or Money"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
September 18, 2022
"Still in Effect""Still in Effect"Pastor Derek MathersSunday,
September 11, 2022
"The Cost of Following""The Cost of Following"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
September 4, 2022
"The Table""The Table"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
August 28, 2022
"The Narrow Door""The Narrow Door"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
August 21, 2022
"God's New Family""God's New Family"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
August 14, 2022
"Stars and Promise""Stars and Promise"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
August 7, 2022
"Firmly Planted""Firmly Planted"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
July 31, 2022
"Salvation Has Come To This House""Salvation Has Come To This House"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
July 17, 2022
"Who Is My Neighbor?""Who Is My Neighbor?"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
July 10, 2022
"Seasonal Confusion - The Harvest?""Seasonal Confusion - The Harvest?"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
July 3, 2022
"Freedom""Freedom"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
June 26, 2022
"Testimonials""Testimonials"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
June 19, 2022
"Finger Pointing""Finger Pointing"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
June 12, 2022
"In Their Nature""In Their Nature"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
June 5, 2022
"Pray Like No One Is Watching""Pray Like No One Is Watching"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
May 29, 2022
"The Power in a Name""The Power in a Name"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
May 22, 2022
"Followers""Followers"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
May 15, 2022
"Never!""Never!"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
May 8, 2022
"The Fish""The Fish"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
May 1, 2022
"Bring Your Cot, Bring Your Blanket""Bring Your Cot, Bring Your Blanket"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
April 24, 2022
"A New Heaven and a New Earth""A New Heaven and a New Earth"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
April 17, 2022
"Bargaining with God""Bargaining with God"Pastor Dwayne HendricksThursday,
April 14, 2022
"It's Imperative""It's Imperative"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
April 10, 2022
Playing With ConfidencePlaying With ConfidencePastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
April 3, 2022
"Were is My Fattened Calf?""Were is My Fattened Calf?"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
March 27, 2022
"Some Pretty Strange People""Some Pretty Strange People"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
March 13, 2022
"A Time of Temptation""A Time of Temptation"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
March 6, 2022
"The Greatest Of All Time""The Greatest Of All Time"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
February 27, 2022
"Radically New Forgiveness""Radically New Forgiveness"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
February 20, 2022
"Super Sermon - Successful Ministry""Super Sermon - Successful Ministry"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
February 13, 2022
Love SickLove SickPastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
January 30, 2022
"The Body of Christ""The Body of Christ"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
January 23, 2022
"The Abundant Goodness of God""The Abundant Goodness of God"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
January 16, 2022
"Worldly wisdom vs God's Wisdom""Worldly wisdom vs God's Wisdom"Pastor Dwayne HendricksSunday,
January 2, 2022
"Lord, Dismiss Us in Peace""Lord, Dismiss Us in Peace"Pastor Robert SpilmanSunday,
December 26, 2021
"Are You The One To Come?""Are You The One To Come?"Pastor Robert SpilmanSunday,
December 12, 2021
"Prepare The Way""Prepare The Way"Pastor Robert SpilmanSunday,
December 5, 2021
Welcome to AdventGuest Speaker Earl PierceSunday,
November 28, 2021
"Living In The End Times""Living In The End Times"Pastor Robert SpilmanSunday,
November 14, 2021
"For All The Saints""For All The SaintsPastor Robert SpilmanSunday,
November 7, 2021
"Here I Stand""Here I Stand"Pastor Robert SpilmanSunday,
October 31, 2021
"A Wealthy Life - Under God""A Wealthy Life - Under God"Pastor Robert SpilmanSunday,
October 17, 2021
"Live (Your Own) Life - Under God""Live (Your Own) Life - Under God"Pastor Robert SpilmanSunday,
October 10, 2021
"Family and the Kingdom of God"Pastor Robert SpilmanSunday,
October 3, 2021
"Freedom of the Spirit"Pastor Robert SpilmanSunday,
September 26, 2021
Psalm 23-Friday,
January 1, 2016